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Robot arm

  • Products Name:The ball cage processing on-line
  • Sn:SN5698421000
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  • 1. the degree of automation: realizing the ball cage production end face milling, a car, the cylindrical cylindrical essence car 2, within the circle, knurling, quenching, quenching 2, ball mill, the channel grinding machine automatic on-line processing of all equipment, workers in end milling front place blank feeding machine, robot and on-line automatic machine tool production, workers simply from the finished product conveying path taken is processed at the end of the workpiece. Really realize unmanned production.

    2. manpower saving situation: before production transform, each line operators need seven people, 2 class production need 14 workers, need 14 people in every line, after each line per shift need only 1 a worker, only need two workers twice a day class. Each line province 14 people. Equipment renovation of return cycle is about 1.6 years, bring huge economic benefits for the enterprise.

    3. customer investment plan: after a period of 2 lines of customers realize machine substitution of material benefit, the second phase is started. 15 years customer orientation substitution of one year for the machines, is now in the cooperation project with array processing robot car unit, array channel milling robot group, an array of hardening machine unit robot. 16 years also is expected to new robot project with a total investment of more than 5 million yuan.

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